Audio can be a very effective media type for learning, yes!

I know they say that reading improves knowledge, intelligence, empathy, etc., but does listening to podcasts do the same, or are there better benefits to podcasts than reading or vice versa?

I would say that both podcasts & reading are useful habits. The benefits they offer will vary not only due to format but also due to content.

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Audio can be a very effective medium that the really big reason for podcasting has become so popular in recent years is bound up with the sheer convenience audio content offers us. We can be involved with doing all kinds of other activities, including sleeping, and still successfully absorb and process audio.

people’s attention is possible today, with podcasting.

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Today we have an incredible variety of content producers which have never been available in the same number, or variety before. certain types of learning are very possible through audio, just like there used to be educational radio shows, and productions. Recorded lectures from visiting professors at universities, when you think about it, much of the learning which takes place in institutions is all about ‘listening’ to people speak!

If we can package, and present our educational content and ensure that it is not tedious, make it a part of a community, or associate this with something which people value very highly, we can successfully reach our audiences.

Podcasting is ideal for lectures, hypnotherapy sessions, sleep therapy, telling stories, discussing books, interviewing specialists, just about anything you can think of in fact.

So yes, Podcasts are an incredible opportunity for all kinds of learning, I think this is one of the really underused applications for them. people are talking about the initiative and many independent individuals and groups are involved with podcasting.

Benefits Of Podcasts :

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Hosting a podcast has many benefits. Here are a few:

  1. Ego boost: you get to say you are a podcast host and you get your name listed in most podcast apps.
  2. Relationship growth: Depending on the format, it can help you grow your relationship with your co-host(if applicable)and guests(if applicable).
  3. Free advice or teaching: Depending on the format , you can get free advice or teaching from your co-host and guests.
  4. Community and audience building: podcasts lead to a growing audience which can transform into a community you lead.
  5. Reusable content: The conversations are recorded and you can often reuse the content in videos and short clips. you can also transcribe the podcasts and use the content in numerous written mediums(e.g blogs, social media, books, etc.).
  6. Improved verbal communication skills: Your voice and cadence will improve over time, especially if you listen to yourself and practice.
  7. Better Decision-making: You can listen to your recordings and hear yourself think out loud, which can help you make better decisions.
  8. Brand Building: Podcasting can help you be seen as an expert. It is a stepping stone into the professional speaking circuit.

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