Heyy you remember the good old days of Tv & radio when everyone would gather around to be entertained. Shows were broadcast at specific times & if you weren’t there on time you missed it !!

Well, things have changed, thanks to Podcasting time doesn’t matter anymore.

What is Podcast?

A podcast is simply a series of audio episodes, all focused on a particular topic. You can subscribe to the podcast & listen to it on your phone, in your car, or on a smart speaker. podcasts are generally free & can be available anytime & anywhere as long as you have internet access.

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Podcasting is one type of marketing strategy & we can say that audio platform like YouTube has video platforms.

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way for busy people to inform, educate & entertain themselves. It’s getting even easier to access them as well; whether you are listening via your smartphone, music player, or on the web, there’s certain to be a subject that interests you.

Podcasts are a great way for small business owners, freelancers & entrepreneurs to find out more about various aspects of the business. The business community is well served by podcasts, entrepreneurs & business owners are always happy to share their ideas, experiences & advice. From respected leaders of international businesses through innovative designers & visionaries to the small business owner working from home, many people have valuable knowledge to share.

Because we have all got different areas of interest in business, I have chosen a selection of podcasts that approach things in very different ways, from thought leaders, through academia, harnessing creativity, and creating practical solutions.

In the podcast, you have to speak in any language & you can speak for any niche whatever you like. You can start your podcast free of cost.

The major benefits of podcasting are as below :

  1. Podcasts are convenient and easy to make.
  2. Podcasting is portable.
  3. Podcasting is on-demand technology.
  4. Podcasting is easy to reach more peoples on social media networking.

How to start a podcast?

you want to learn how to create your own podcast, it’s not difficult at all and there is no time like the present.

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Here’s a short checklist of everything you need to create a podcast:
1. A plan
2. Dedication (because you must release episodes regularly)
3. A computer with audio editing software**
4. A dynamic condenser mic
5. Optional, but highly recommended: A field recorder
6. A quiet place to record
7. A host for uploading the mixed episodes
8. A web site/social media presence to promote it.
9. #ProTip: Attend one of Sonologue’s workshops. If you’re daunted or just need a little extra guidance and hand-holding.

Before you start your own podcast you want to be clear about following some things :

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You need to be clear about all of that Questions. Once you know what you’re doing (you can certainly learn on the go) and factor of time you’ll spend in the planning and research stage, the recording stage, and finally, the editing and mixing stage. Don’t also forget there are marketing and dissemination involved.

Podcast Platform

After finishing your recording, editing & creating your episodes, you need to find a platform to make your podcast available to the audience. You can select any platform according to your niche such as Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcast, Buzzsprout, Soundcloud.

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After creating an account & uploading your podcast, you are all set. You can also use social media platforms to promote your content.

How To Earn Money From Podcast?

Okay so here’s the thing. If you are only thinking of earning money by creating a podcast, then forget it, you’ll never be able to get enough money out of it. You need to be dedicated and focused on your content more than on money. This applies to all aspects of your life.

That being said: yes, money can be made by creating podcasts. It depends upon the quality & the quantity of the podcast episodes that you create.

Some people prefer quantity, but some prefer otherwise. However, it’s the mixture of both of them which brings you a lot of money.

Now coming on to How To Make Money Via Podcasting :

Firstly, you need to publish a lot of good content. Then building upon that content, you should do social media marketing/ digital marketing.

Podcasts usually earn money via 5 main categories :

1. Advertisements :

It is a prevailing practice usually done by Podcasters, as they earn by showing advertisements in the middle of their episodes. This practice is also performed by music providers such as Gaana and Spotify, in their free plans.
2. Sponsors :
Podcasts can be sponsored by sponsors, there are many types of sponsors such as Title sponsors, Season sponsors, Episode sponsors.

3. Product Placement A.k.a. Affiliate income :
Usually, podcasters earn from Affiliate incomes, as they give a shout-out to the sponsors of the videos, and provide an affiliate link on their sites or in their podcasts description over YouTube.

4. Promotion
A Podcaster can also earn through promoting others’ songs, books, movies, web-series, and more. The paid promotions depend on the Popularity and Influence of the Podcasters.

5. Subscription & Paid Content :

Many podcasters charge a subscription fee on their sites or channels. It’s not widely popular as most of the podcasts you’ll are free of the subscription cost.

On-Demand podcasts are also a stream of income to the podcasters. Usually, subscription-based podcasts are only done by Big & famous podcasters,as their content is valued by its audience as premium.

For all these to work out, you must have a large enough audience base. So try to build a brand image by providing good content. Don’t just focus on money as if yet!

Someone rightly said, “ Don’t chase success, success will run after you if you do your work diligently & with smartness”.

Podcast Future 2021 In India

It is blooming right now.


If you want to start your podcast, now is the best time to do it.

Today’s podcast audiences represent a growing target for today’s top brands, both in terms of scale and affluence. India is the world’s third-largest podcast listening market and as per a PwC report, the number of listeners is going to rise from four crores in 2018 to 17.61 crore in 2023.

So go for it and start your podcast today.

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