People talk for a variety of reasons: Sharing information makes life easier, talking helps to grow social bonds with others, and choosing what we talk about allows us to manage how others perceive us.

What do you think Can we live without talking?

 Probably people think yes, but we can’t because taking here is the action we do all the time chatting and so on, as a woman, I want to say that No Talk No Life; because human beings feel free & are motivated when they talk and when they chat with a friend or with a soul in their mind. It’s no matter what you talk with whom talk the session here is talking & feel relaxed after saying your thoughts to someone.

If you don’t talk you will get a hard time expressing what you feel. if it’s only talking then mute people won’t be able to express their feelings.

So talking is another way of expressing.

We do talk to convey our feelings, life experiences, experiments either big or small and I think all we do to be a better person & to learn from other’s experiences in life. Life is way tough in one way or another, and by talking to each other we can ease one another and can save ourselves from big problems coming our way. Talking is not only a habit but a healthy practice that lets us cool down and let other people know “who we are?”

I would say people talk to each other so they can discover themselves from a different perspective and find a new self.

People talk to share their feelings, emotions, and knowledge. Everyone is talking with someone else for different reasons. But if we look closely then we’ll find that every sentence we say, expresses our emotional status, our circumstances, and our knowledge.

Talking is a result of opening our mouths and letting words flow conversation is an exchange of words.

 We talk to speak

 But we communicate to listen…

 Talk to create an argument

 But communication creates discussion….

So don’t only talk with people to communicate with them…

How important communication is?

In our daily life communication play a very important role in making interaction. We are social animals, we can’t live without communication. peoples suffer from depression because they don’t find someone with whom they can communicate, with whom they can share the things they are suffering from.

Our mind works every time, every day we have thousands of thoughts per day. Of course, we can’t share every thought because they just come and go but some of those thoughts can be very important or very disturbing that we should share them. If they are disturbing and we are not sharing them, we will bother ourselves by doing that. And if they are important and we are sharing them and not working on them then we may lose an opportunity.” I think communication is the solution to every problem and not communication is the cause of every problem.” so, we can’t live without communication. communication is as important as breathing.

Communication is key to our daily life. even every day, we communicate with a lot of people. Our words, our body language, our hand gestures, our eye contact, our facial expressions everything has a role to play in good, effective communication. If we do not communicate, we will never be able to put our point across! So, communication plays a significant role in our everyday life to convey information to others.

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