What is Freelancing?

Freelancing is associated with being self-employed and offering services on a project. It mainly involves working on a contract that does not mandate going to an office daily on a fixed time schedule. In order to address the question of what is freelancing, one must understand that it is not a job opportunity, in fact, it has now become a full-fledged career option.

A simple definition is, a freelancer is one that is available for hire. As a freelancer, you work as an independent contractor that gets paid for every job you execute. You are not too obligated to your clients, and what you do is solely your decision. If you are not ready to accept a project, you are not compelled to take it.

Freelancing is a contract-based profession where the person, instead of following the traditional 9 am to 5 pm working hour setup, uses his or her skills and expertise to offer services to their clients. The clients could be anyone ranging from a company to an individual.

The traditional 9 to 5 work style has transformed as technological interventions are changing the way we all work. This has paved the way for a more convenient form of work-life style; such as working as an independent worker, a freelancer, or as a gig worker.

Freelancing in India

Freelancing in India has become quite popular for the last few years. The freelancing industry is growing so fast that freelancers are expected to comprise about 50% of India’s workforce by 2021. Nevertheless, freelancing in India is quite a private haven that not only breaks monotony but also provides room for one’s personal development. Sounds great? We can bet!

Benefits Of Freelancing In India

The big advantage of freelancing is that you can set your work hours. No one is there to decide how much you have to work. You can enjoy freedom while working as a freelancer.

1.Set Your Working Hours

As a freelancer, you get the opportunity to work whenever you want because it’s up to you how much or how little you want to work. In a full-time job, there is always someone to tell you or decide your working hours for you. No matter how much or little you work if you can give the best quality service you will become a successful freelancer. While working as a freelancer you can enjoy your day if you are a night person or you like to work at night. Freedom is priceless.

2.Choose Your Clients

You can choose the person with and for whom you want to work. While working as a freelancer you get the benefit of working with like-minded people and also you can choose the projects on which you want to work or you are passionate about. In a full-time job, it is next to impossible if you want to change your role. But in freelancing, you have the freedom to do what you love to do.

3.Travel While Working

As a freelancer, you get the opportunity to travel the world while working. Many people are becoming a freelancer to enjoy their life and travel to different countries. The term people use is “Digital Nomad”, that is someone who travels to various countries and along with that also earns decent money for their living. Being a freelancer means that you can decide the place when and where you want to work.

4.No Long Commute

This is also a big advantage of freelancing that you can avoid the long commute. This is essential for time management, you can save a lot of time while working as a freelancer. Freelancers work remotely and there is no requirement to commute because your clients may be staying in other countries. If you want to work from home and save your time then freelancing is the best option for you.

5.Control Your Work Load

We all are human beings and we all have a personal life too. Many times it happens that we get demotivated and procrastinate our work. So as a freelancer you can decide how much workload you want. You can also decide your off-days while working as a freelancer. In a full-time job, you can’t get off days too often because there you are working for someone else. But as a freelancer, you are your boss and you have the authority to decide the quantity of your work. But to earn money you have to work hard in both full-time and freelancing fields.


Hope this article will help you to understand how to work as a freelancer in India. All the best to you!

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